About The Blogger

Joan Carroll-Flowers is a serial entrepreneur who can’t seem to retire. She is the founder and president of ACF Enterprises, LLC, a woman-owned consulting firm focused on leveraging sustainability to improve the results of small and minority business development efforts. Joan is also the founder of the Institute for Sustainable Business Education (ISBE), a training unit of ACF Enterprises that specializes in creating online learning tools that deliver measurable results. Our mission is to improve business performance through a blended learning approach that leverages technology with live seminars and workshops. Under Joan’s leadership, ACF and ISBE partner with cities, government agencies, housing authorities, major corporations and NGOs to deliver  proprietary sustainability education and a Green Business Certification known as SEMS™ (Supplier Excellence in Managing Sustainability).

Joan is currently working on a new book as she spearheads a national initiative to scale up Section 3 businesses during the rehabilitation of the nation’s public housing and infrastructure. SEMS™ is the core training component of Building for the Future, an award-winning education and support program focused on inclusion and sustainability. Building for the Future  was recently nominated by the U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a “National Best Practice” to use during RAD conversions. This highly-recognized program was also nominated for the 2017 Nan McKay “Residence Service Award” and won the National Association of Housing an Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) 2017 “Award of Excellence”.

Follow Joan as she journeys across the country advocating for greener, healthier low-income neighborhoods.