Why Build For The Future?

No one can predict the future. It is widely believed, however, that the known effects of climate change — increased temperatures, rising seas, and increased incidence of severe storms —have disproportionate effects on affordable housing and low-income communities.

Building For The Future is my journey for change. As an advocate for greener, healthier low-income communities,  now is the perfect time to share some exciting news with you about a major initiative focused on growing small, minority-owned, women-owned and Section 3 businesses, and creating jobs for low income individuals on a massive scale. This blog will highlight new and innovative ways you can to benefit from HUD’s massive construction project known as RAD. The Rental Assistance Demonstration project is being rolled out by housing authorities across the country to rehab and renovate public housing properties.

There is a tremendous opportunity for us to transform and improve existing community infrastructure by adding amenities in areas that have suffered from disinvestment. The mission of this blog is to keep you informed of best practices and solutions to spur this transformation on a local level across the country, as well as to prepare diverse business owners of smaller companies to compete for subcontracts from larger contractors during RAD conversions.

A “future proof” perspective on community development and affordable housing takes into considerations the three pillars of sustainability — environmental stewardship, social equity and a shared economy. As America builds for the future, we must focus on economic development, human wellbeing and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Joan Carroll-Flowers, President & CEO, ACF Enterprises, LLC